Eligibility to get approval from VEDO
*.        Trust or Society is only eligible to apply.

*.        Every application seeking permission for running an institution shall be made in written format signed by authorized signatory.

*.       The applicant should pay the Inspection fee Rs 10,000/- (non refundable or adjustable at any circumstances ).

*.        EAffiliation fee Rs 40,000 /- (any 6 courses)

*.        We don't approve your institution if another institute is already running by our approval within 2 kms in municipality & corporation and 10 kms in village Panchayat from your institution

The following informations / documents must be submitted with the application (self attested Documents).

a). Short history of the institution .
b). Details of existing courses.
c). Whether the building of institution of it's own / rented. If rented , 5 years agreement from the building owner to be attached.
d). Details of Teaching and Non Teaching staff available.
e). Details of Library, Laboratory and copies of necessary tie-up arrangements letter.
f). A rough map of building.
g). Details about the sources for practical classes.

Space Requirements:

1). 3 class rooms each class room with 200 sq. ft.
2). One office room with 100 sq. ft
3). 2 other rooms with 100 sq.ft.
4). Minimum of Total Space need - 10,000 sq.ft.
5). Minimum space per student 10 Sq.ft.


Faculty / Tutor  / Lecturer shall be appointed who are well qualified in the concern field and should have at least 2 years teaching experience

Other Staff Members :

The other staff may be appointed as per your necessity to carry out the purpose of the centre.

Institution Affiliation fee :

After having completed inspection formalities the Affiliation fee Rs 40,000 should be paid either by Cash or Bank's Demand Draft. DD in favour of  "Vocational Education and Development Organization - VEDO". payable at Chennai or Madurai. Affiliation fee is not adjustable or refundable at any circumstances.


1. VEDO  shall have the rights / powers to modify or amend these conditions from time to time.
2. Institute may conduct any 6 courses from the following course list. It is depending upon availability of space, infrastructure and faculties in the institutes.
Send your requests and other queries to 
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Accommodation and other Facilities:

*.Site of Building - The building of the centre should be near railway station, bus stand or the main road of the city / town / important place.   There should be at least five rooms and a parking place which is essential (Minimum space required is 1000 sq. ft. .   *.The Institute/Centre should have well library for use of staff and students. *. There should be sufficient large class rooms to accommodate all sections or classes with laboratories with adequate equipment and apparatus for the Practical teaching. *.Centre shall have furnished with the following minimum furniture:


 Class rooms are furnished with white board or black boards, Maps Charts, with arrangement of 20 chairs in each classroom.
2. Principal & Clerk Office must be well maintained.
3.Notice board for display the timing of the centre as well as for notices time to time.
*. Arrangements of drinking water and good supply of electricity in laboratory, sports, toilet etc.
*. Registers and Papers: Meeting book, notice book, staff attendance register, students attendance register, admission register, letter receipt and dispatch register, payment register, forms of applications for admission, prospectus, identity cards and other necessary registers files and papers as required necessary.
*.Theory class from 10.00 A.M to 1.00 P.M., Lunch 1.00 P.M to 2.00 P.M & Practical or Hospital Training work from 2.00 P.M to 4.00 P.M.
           Institute should have to follow the above Timings Strictly.


a ). PRINCIPAL: The Principal may be founder of the centre or directly appointed on the basis of merit of own promotion from the post of senior associate professor or reader as the case may be the principal must well medically qualified.
b). FACULTY : Lecturers shall be appointed who are well qualified in the field of Medical and Para Medical Sciences and having at-least two years working experience.
c). OTHER STAFF MEMBERS: The other staff may be appointed as deemed necessary to carry out the purpose of the centre.


            Study centre should have all facility for arrangement of practical training. If institute has not it's own lab then it should be attached to any institution / campany in which students can do their practical work. Laboratory for different courses should be well maintained with related apparatus to the related course according the number of student.
*.MEDIUM OF STUDY: English / Regional language only
            Candidate must be passed minimum High School/ Higher secondary/ Intermediate/Equivalent according to the State Govt's Law.


            The students are selected strictly purely on merit basis of marks of High School and Intermediate by the principal of his centre and an interview will be taken.


(A). The annual examination will be held in the month of April/May. All the examination stationary including question papers and Answer Book will be provided from the Office of VEDO.
(B). The examinations are conducted by the VEDO and shall be held in the training centre under the supervision of it's Principal and our external invigilator.


1). The Vocational Education and Development Organization -VEDO, Shall have the power to withdraw the permission of the institute If the VEDO inspection committee is not satisfied .The centre concerned is not fulfilling the required conditions prescribed in our prospectus.
2). Concern Regional Coordinator shall initiate disaffiliation proceedings against an Study centre for all or any of the following reasons:
a). Non fulfillment of assurances given by the centre in regard to deficiencies to be removed with in a specified period of the VEDO. As laid down in the regulations and syllabus or any other decision of the VEDO time to time.
b). Failure on the part of Study centre to confirm the requirements as laid down by the board for proper arrangements and fair conduct of its examinations.
c). If any admission fee, enrolment and examination fee is not deposited in the board office with in due date, by giving a notice to the concerned centre the permission may be cancelled.
d). Disregard, on the part of training centre, of the rules and condition for which permission was granted to the centre after having been given due notice by the Secretary / Registrar / Regional Coordinator.
e). Or any other matter which VEDO considers sufficiently serious for disaffiliation.
  IMPORTANT DIRECTIONS TO THE PRINCIPAL OF TRAINING CENTRE   a). Admission and other funds shall be collected from the students according to the board prospectus. Donation or any capitation fee is not allowed to take from the students, Defaulters  will be regularized after legal action. b). Well qualified staff should be managed for every class. One period should be compulsory for practical per day. For that, applicable instruments, models, charts, should be managed in the laboratory. c). It is instructed to all the Principals to show correct statements of income and expenditure. Certification: Certificates will be sent to the institutes within 2 months from the end of final examination. Our certificate will be eligible to register in Govt employment offices and also eligible to get attestation from all foreign emphasis. Follow up: We assist the course completed students to get job in various companies / constructions / industries / institutions in India and also in abroad.